This house by Jackson Clements Burrows Architects is located on the edge of an escarpment in Kew within a significant landscape environment. The house provides substantial views overlooking the Yarra river and Studley park golf course and the primary living zone is provided on one level suspended above what was previously an existing Tennis court. The project received an RAIA residential Architecture award in 2004.

Kew Residence1

Kew Residence2

Large surfaces are wrapped in glass for a better interaction with the landscape and exposed beans and support columns gives the project an unpretentious look and feel.
The outside is covered by wooden panels in one section and muted colored boards on the other to exposed the playful side of the house.

Picture 5

Kew Residence4

I really like the levitating deck/balcony from the second floor, overlooking the yard. The use of glass as a fence material also helps for the uninterrupted view effect.