LOL I love Knock Knock’s creative papergoods. I always crack up when I’m on their site. Their stuff is the best for gifting, too. Here are their new “bundles”:

The Postpartum Bundle of Joy
Because it’s NEVER too late to traumatize your children!

The Plan-a-Meal Bundle
Because on some nights it’s impossible to run a blog, take care of the kids, walk the dog, clean the house, save the world….AND cook for the family.  Have take out and delivery menus at your busy fingertips.

The Worried Well Bundle
Because if you weren’t a hypochondriac before, having kids will surely convert you.  Be prepared with this bundle of organization.

The Procrastination Bundle
Because procrastination is a fine art that should be cultivated and appreciated.

Then there’s the perennial favorite…
The Disgruntled Worker Bundle
For anyone who has ever had a job…period.  Who wouldn’t love a set of Caca task clips?