Kubik is a new installation that just returned to Berlin after a 4-year absence. The concept, developed by Balestra Berlin in 2006 was re-installed to energize disused urban spaces around the world by creating a unique fusion between water tanks, light shows and electronic beats.

Stacked up tank-walls illuminated in different colors together create a stunning interactive piece of architecture. Having been installed in 22 cities around the world, the Kubik is now back in its hometown of Berlin. It seemed fitting that Balestra Berlin collaborated with the Ritter Butzke a respected club in the Berlin electronic music scene and a place where cutting edge artists are often shown. Kubik is situated in a courtyard between two spaces — walls of an old factory that reach up to 20 meters high. This presented a challenge, but the 100+ water tanks have been installed in such a way to create a labyrinth of glowing tank walls, some up to 6 tanks high.

Kubik Concept: Balestra Berlin
Architect: Julian Arons
Light Designer: Andreas Barthelmes
Club Cooperation: Ritter Butzke & Balestra Berlin
Photos: Ben de Biel