Dragos Motica is an architect and designer from Romania with an interesting new concept lamp designed for Romanian furniture brand Ubikubi.

In designing this lamp, Motica asked himself a few questions:
– “When an object is designed?”
– “When an object is precious, particular?”
– “What is broken and what is new?”
– “What means the result of a mechanical intervention (more or less violent on an object)?”




The result of thinking about these questions is the “/” Lamp, an object that gives the owner a subjective and personal choice as to whether they want to interact with it, change it or keep it as-is. Inspired by construction sites and industrial facilities, “/” is made of reinforced concrete, cork, and birch plywood and uses an LED.

Motica explains that the lamp “is an object at the middle of two opposite states. Intervention or non-intervention.” Go ahead, make your decision.





Watch the “destruction”: