The Practice of Everyday Design has a new piece — the Log Chop Bench, which represents an exploration in process-based design.

They decided to approach the concept of this one-off piece by setting up a series of parameters that would define the final product without them relying on drawings or a concrete final image. Given little instruction and a loose sketch the log was debarked and the seats were axed out by a professional “Lumberjill.” The roughly chopped log seats were then mediated by the fine, hand-sewn upholstery by a motorcycle saddle maker. The project was a fluid evolution from an abstract idea into a physical sculpture that represents a dialogue between the designers and their collaborators.

The Log Chop Bench will be auctioned off at the Stellar Living 2011 Contemporary Art & Design Auction for Mercer Union in Toronto, Ontario, on May 12, 2011.