“Loop” loft is a full gut renovation of a 2,500 square foot live/work loft residence plus exterior spaces in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, just completed this summer by Ten to One Architecture. Ten to One Architecture is a small Brooklyn based design/build studio founded in 2004 by Garrick Jones, developed in parallel with his work as Studio Director at the award winning and internationally recognized firm Della Valle Bernheimer. Ten to One believes “the built environment is not reflective of the endeavors of its occupants, and that buildings should instead reflect and ideally empower the user’s desires, goals, and means.” So, they designs affordable and artful objects of “ritual and adventure, domestic and environmental infrastructures, in service to and celebration of their users.”

The “Loop” is a wood object and enclosure that loop-d-loops through the loft space, acting at various times as floor, ceiling, wall, door, window, cabinet, library, closet, bath, kitchen, and hideaway creating a central through-way of light and movement, surrounded by a rich multiplicity of more intimate private spaces. High efficiency mechanical systems such as radiant floor heating, ductless air conditioning and LED lighting are embedded within the depth of the Loop, which itself is made of sustainably harvested worm-infested butternut hardwood.