Yaarit Mechany is a designer from Israel whose first solo exhibition Lucid Dream is now at the Periscope Gallery in Tel Aviv through Saturday 5/28.

In this show, Yaarit explores the idea of a lucid dream — a dream wherein the dreamer is aware that he/she is dreaming, and some can even control their dreams. In Yaarit’s body of work, the lucid dream “expresses a desire to bring together two separate human modes. On one hand a world of the Psyche and the Unconscious, and on the other a world of action, control and manipulation.”

Alluding to a psyche comprised of such things as childhood memories, nostalgia and fantasy while at the same time using manual and mechanical design methods originating from the gritty workshops of the industrial zone of Tel-Aviv, where her studio is also located.

The Tiptoe bench is a wooden bench with fabric-clothed legs that create special seating spots.

Gathered, another lamp in the series has a white ceramic body, molded on a model Mechany shaped to look like five mushrooms connected at the base, as if surrounding a tree in some mythical forest. Coupled is a different version of this lamp. It is made of two conjoined objects nestling into each other in a gentle and intimate way.

The Wired Lamp is made of long pieces of electric wire woven in winding, circular patterns, held together by small strips of pure silver. The tiny twinkles created by the silver can be seen as stars in the night or even magical fairy dust sprinkled on the surface of the lampshade.

Other than the lamps, the collection includes two wall-bound wooden cabinets. The wood seems to refuse be limited to the form of the cabinet and keeps on spreading out on the surface of the wall and floor, as if they were some mysterious geometric vine-like trees. The cabinets also invite us to peep into a certain small niche which brings further feelings of mystery and pondering.