The Lytro company has recently produced a super easy-to-use compact camera that uses light field technology. Unlike conventional cameras that have a limited ability with the amount of light it can record, the Lytro is able to capture the entire light field in every direction. The camera features an 8x optical zoom lens with a fixed f/2 aperture, which basically means you are capturing the maximum amount of light possible in the zoom range.

The camera contains no focus motor so software is used after the fact to let you to continually focus anywhere in the photo that you want, anytime that you want. You simply plug the camera into your computer and use the free software application to process your photos. The software is currently only available for Mac OS but is in development for Windows.

The Lytro is available in three colors, two of which are the 8GB model and one is the 16GB model.

Check out the photo gallery for examples of photos taken with the Lytro.