The 2010 collection from Matthias Ries Design Office is a modern white storage collection with saturated pastel accents.

The leg design of Slot provides structural strength in vertical, horizontal and diagonal directions, and due to additional colored corner caps the table can be easily customized.

Modrobe is — as its name already suggests — a modular wardrobe system. Modrobe is a light and flexible solution compared to other wardrobes. The legs also give it a more airy feel and the impression that it takes up less space in the room.

Switchpoint has a dimmable function integrated into the lever of the lamp itself. By moving the lever from left to right you have a very intuitive way of adjusting the amount of light. If only it detached and became a light saber…

Rags to Riches
A floating wardrobe that allows your room to breathe, and your floor used for other functions. Clothing is protected by a curtain.

Plus One
Plus One is an additional storage container for any kind of regular shelf. Its bent plywood results in an exclusive look. With a simple U-shaped tube, Plus One can be attached to any bookshelf. Plus One is available in walnut or maple veneer. Individually knitted socks for the tube not only protect the surfaces, but add an additional aesthetic level.