Got a Cobi chair from and you can too — they’re having this awesome contest, which I mentioned earlier: they are giving away five Cobis (yes I said FIVE!!!)!

Here’s how to enter:

Tell us about you, and why Cobi fits. Points will be awarded for compelling or interesting circumstances, mastery of the English language, your knowledge of and interest in the Cobi Chair, among other things. We will give bonus points to people who send us pictures of themselves and/or pictures of their current chair. Healthy (and proper) use of the word ‘Cobi’ garners even more bonus points.

No phony baloney stories though – our team of marketing analysts will see right through sensationalist fiction and may blacklist any perpetrators (unless it is really good fiction). We aren’t looking for the next great American novel, but we do want a pretty good story. So let us know who you are and why you deserve Cobi. Happy Writing!

Read the crazy chair stories here and vote for the winners here.

I designed my own Cobi chair with their 3-minute Cobi chair designer. It’s 3 minutes if you know what you want. It’s like a half-hour when you can’t make up your mind and you keep clicking on all the different colors…here is what I did:





About 3 days later it showed up!




Before and after:


Much better, huh?

Now that I’m running Design Milk full time (yay!), it’s been quite difficult sitting in that plastic chair all day. Getting Cobi a week ago has drastically improved my productivity and comfort all day. Not only has this helped my poor back and bum feel much better sitting down for 10-12 hours a day, but my posture has improved dramatically. The adjustable height makes it much easier to get those arms under almost any desk, while still providing my poor elbows a nice little rest.