Wow – two jewelry posts in a row! The previous post showcases some more wearable jewelry than what I’m about to show you.

The couture designs of Milka Manifesto are like organic extensions of the wearer’s body. I have never seen anything like these designs and I just had to share them with you.

Here is what designer Adriana Davila says about her designs and Milka Manifesto:

“Milka Manifesto is a 100% Mexican design a unique and eccentric accessory and jewelry brand. Milka Manifesto was created 2 years ago with an idea… to create colorful accessories, magical jewelry… a worn unique handmade accessory. Milka Manifesto experiments with different materials, full of colors and textures, asymmetry and organic forms, playfulness…but most of all, creative ideas.

Milka Manifesto works with independent boutiques and two museums: Museo del Acero and MARCO (both in Monterrey, Mexico)…most pieces are made with Milka association with women over 60 years old with no job and low income.”

Milka Manifesto blog:

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