The soul of the street, lost beneath the layers of mistreat, has dusted off its dirty feet, to bring you this upbeat boutique. Welcome Miss Poem to the street of Istiklal!

P-Arch has removed over 8 tons of debris to reveal the old soul of this building on Istiklal Street in Istanbul. This history rich section of the city has been lost beneath layers of “unconscious applications” and the Old Pera identity has become invisible. When P-Arch took on this project they decided to discard of these layers. Scraping of internal walls revealed gorgeous layers of bricks, while the scraping of the ceiling revealed a history of despair, due to years of water damage and repairs. After the structural repairs, hand-painted murals were created on ceilings and walls to create a seamless connection of this old with this new. The floors were covered with white epoxy paint, speckled with glitter, to add a bit of glam to this white wonderland!




With this first of it’s kind renovation, P-Arch wanted to send a message to this street of Istanbul.  It is sure to have paved the way for the resurrection of the old soul this street should be so thankful for!