If you are looking for modern Christmas trees, here are a few options for you:

1. If you are gung-ho on getting a real tree, be sure to bring it to a tree recycling center when you’re finished.

2. Go buy someone’s old fake one on Craigslist or eBay so it goes to use instead of in the trash (we got a small 1950s aluminum one a few years back).

3. Try opting for one of the following modern options:

Above: Superstar trees from Modernica.


How about this silver tinsel one from West Elm? It comes in two sizes.


What about these Alpine trees from Cardboard Safari? They’re eco-friendly!


This plywood Christmas tree I blogged about a while back from Buro North.


From OdenneBoo, a strong, double-layered corrugated cardboard tree with RGB LED’s hidden within it.


Check out this modern “tannenbaum” from Silvercocoon.

How about a white or black tree from Treetopia. They also have TONS of other colors, even crazy ones like rainbow!

The Jubiltree is a wooden tree made in the USA that you can decorate with just lights or add garlands. It comes in solid maple, walnut, and cherry.


Australian company One Two Tree is producing modern Christmas trees that can be flat-packed and easily stored during the rest of the year.


From CardboardChristmas, a large recycled green cardboard tree that makes you forget it’s just cardboard.


These modern Christmas trees are decorated with 100 chandelier crystals and either 100 illusion film ornaments or 100 glass bulbs, plus they come with a disco ball.


The Infinite Trees from Areaware are great for small spaces and tiny apartments.


The PossibiliTree™ modern tree alternative and hanging tree (below).

Save precious floor space with Atypyk’s Christmas tree poster.

Cascades’ 100% recycled trees come in three styles and three colors.

Created by Trine and Peter Find, these Beech wood trees are great examples of simple Scandinavian design. The Danish word “Filigrantrae” means “filigree tree” in English.

These acrylic trees from London-based The Modern Christmas Tree start at just £12.