At this point in the iPhone accessories game, it’s become difficult to elicit even a modicum of interest when it comes to truly novel designs. Japanese 3D printed wearables boutique, MonoCircus, set itself apart from the countless me-toos with a minimalist iPhone case design that delved into the depths of oceanic life, using the enigmatic manta as inspiration for their uniquely minimalistic protective case solution.


Designed by Lim Shing Ee and Kazunori Takeishi, the Manta could be mistaken for the ribbed remnants of the sea creature’s skeletal remains washed ashore. 3D printed with white nylon plastic, the curved edge is slightly raised like a spine, affording the user a more secure one-handed grip and a modest amount of protection (and also symmetrically designed, compatible with both right and left hand use). The results are a design that brings attention to itself, despite the reduction of overall material compared to a typical iPhone case, increasing ergonomics without weighing down the device.


Unattached to the iPhone, the Manta exists as a mysterious object of beauty in itself.


The ribbed spine following the interior curve allows for easier one-handed operation.


The raised spine on the Manta’s interior curve offers improved one-handed hold.





Alongside the Manta, MonoCircus offers a cornucopia of other flora and fauna-inspired accessories, including jewelry, hair accessories, and even bow ties.