South Korean design group Monocomplex consists of four young designers who design and build furniture and accessories. Their Objet series (Experience from the past) launched in November 2010 and features three curious lamps that explore memory and warmth.

Spool by Hwang Eunsang
The spool brings to mind memories of warm figures of mothers who are sewing. This work makes the basic forms and usage of the spool and needle reborn into a modern object by which everyone can feel this warm nostalgia.

Icicle by Cho Jangwon
When winter comes, we see icicles hanging on the eaves. The Icicle lamp attempts to recapture the sparkling beauty of the icicle in a lamp. Its usage goes beyond illumination with the addition of a shelf.

Retro TV by Park Hyunwoo
With the advent of digital, all things analog are taking a back seat. This Retro TV lighting offers uses memories of these old technologies to warm you, along with the use of warm wood and soft illumination.