I have seen MOO cards before, and don’t know why I never ordered any. However, I’m off to a few trade shows and trips in the next month, so MOO sent me a box of mini MOO cards to check out and bring with me on my trips.

They are similar to regular business cards, but are better — especially for creatives — because you can upload your own artwork and customize them. Plus, you can get multiple images per box so you’re not stuck choosing from all your artwork. You can also choose between landscape or portrait, and put contact info on the back.

In addition to business cards (available in classic and an eco-friendly paper), MOO also has:

  • Mini-cards: these are the ones that I got. They are about half the size of a business card and they are adorable.
  • Postcards: full-color gloss postcards with a different photo or design on each one. You can also add text, so they can be used as invitations or promo cards.
  • Greeting cards: each with a different image, you can resell these or use them as regular cards, invitations or as promotional items.

They have a European store, too!

It took me about 15 minutes to order the cards — it was so easy to upload my images and place my order. You can even download a template to ensure that your artwork is just the right size.