I remember for the first few months after graduating from college and design school I kept a large physical portfolio of my work in the car, always ready to show at the instant of opportunity. What a cumbersome hassle! These days it’s a lot easier to direct a potential client or employer to a website. Recognizing creatives often work and interact outside their office, perhaps even better is this iOS app from MOO, the online print and design company specializing in business cards.


MOO Monogram is both a portfolio creation tool and mobile presentation feature using the card motif as a hierarchical and aggregative visual system anyone can build and understand. In simplest terms, using the app resembles assembling a collection of Pinterest boards, but optimized for a small mobile screen.


Designed for offline access without the need for wi-fi or a network connection, MOO Monogram stores each miniature portfolio locally. Text cards can also be added to interject copy between photo cards, making them a streamlined mobile alternative to a Powerpoint presentation (connected via Airplay, users could push their mobile portfolio onto a TV screen or computer display quickly); each portfolio can be assigned a URL for sharing via Twitter, Facebook, email, or embedded into a website.

For those operating in the visual fields, it is often the case that a picture does speak for a thousand words, and a tool like Monogram makes speeding through a portfolio for consideration as easy, but elegantly, as possible.


MOO Mongram is a free iOS download available at the Apple iTunes App Store.