Stockholm, Sweden based Nocs works with DJs and musicians around the world to gain insight so they can bring you the best speakers and headphones out there. There latest, Nocs NS500 Aluminum, brings the high precision of CNC machining to their aluminum housing so that complex shapes that were once next to impossible, can now be done.


The new earphones have a chamfer-cut edge as a design detail. The aluminum housing has a sandblasted finish to provide a scratch resistant and smooth surface.


The tangle-free cables are Kevlar-reinforced for durability. They come with a three-button remote to control your music from your iPod, iPhone, iPad, and Android. You can choose from four different-sized ear tips that provide excellent noise cancellation.


Best of all, the earphones provide impeccable sound quality that’s well-balanced across the entire sonic spectrum. Nocs’ sound-tuning process takes around six months, so you know there goal is provide listeners with top-quality sound.

They’re currently available for pre-order and will be shipping in May.