The lightness of being accepts a certain lack of ultimate meaning in life, while living for the momentary beauty instead. For anyone, whose goal is something higher, they must expect to experience vertigo. Not the fear of falling, but the voice of emptiness inside us, which tempt us over freedom.

To encapsulate this paradox, Pentágono introduced the NODO chair. It’s a handwoven, fiberglass chair that takes the essence of a classic piece of furniture and turns it into a dynamic object. Its fibers are interwoven purposefully to allow the piece to be a conduit of communication between the environment and its context. It debuted at Fuorisalone during Milan Design Week.

Pentágono NODO Chair-2

Pentágono NODO Chair-6

Pentágono NODO Chair-3

Pentágono NODO Chair-4

Pentágono NODO Chair-10