We’ve featured a couple of the monthly Nikari designs from their 2012 Designs for Nature project where they collaborate with 12 designers to craft new objects in wood. Each design must follow the sustainable wood philosophies that the Finnish company practices as a standard for their business and the most recent design in the year-long project is the November Desk by Danish designer Louise Campbell.

The desk is made of maple that’s been treated on the surface with a natural wood oil mixture. The design has clean lines with a beautiful simplicity about it. The outer edge is perfect for holding papers and books up while the single drawer can store your office supplies.

From the designer:

November: my cold, dark, wet and windy enemy. How to find something good in you? I think of gentle 
light, maybe just a candle, a soft chair, this little desk, 
its drawer full of pens, its shelf full of paper, 
and I can almost welcome you.