The results of the five-day design workshop called Nowa Forma, or “New Form,” that took place in Swarzedz, Poland earlier this fall proves that with talent and teamwork great things can happen. Over the course of five days, four teams comprised 16 designers, plus participants from four companies designed and manufactured four distinct pieces of furniture.

The Kanapka (above) is a sofa with an inside-out interior that includes three upholstery covers so it can be re-outfitted on whim.

The Oui is a modular seat intended for use in public spaces. Its components, or “pouffes” can be combined in different ways, depending on needs and preferences. Little fabric flaps called “ears” facilitate arrangement.

An oak table  tells the story of the process of creation: taming the material and the emergence of forms of raw timber.

A system of customized, magnetic bathroom and/or kitchen accessories made up of a set of boxes in a range of finishes, including high gloss lacquer, veneers, and 24-carat gold in ground color elements.