At ICFF, Objeti launched their 2011 collection, which includes a chair, lamp, bookshelf and dining table.

Marionette LED Wooden Pendant Lamp
Marionette was designed as an exploration of the morphing between a simple and complex shape through space, creating a beautiful array of facets. I especially love the top of the light — it’s a clever design.

Branch Chair
A chair with a nice, simple design — the focal point of the chair is the sculptural backrest. It was designed as a simple square which morphs through space into a triangle and back into a square. The frame holds it up as if a jewel on a ring.

Choose Your Own Adventure Bookshelf
The name of the shelf comes from those books we read as a child where you could customize the story by choosing a specific path. I always read all of the options. The low-tech, transformable shelf allows the users to slide in the powder coated aluminum panels from the top, in one of the many slots, in order to create bookends and/or room divider partitions.

Leif Dining Table
Leif has a completely customizable top. Consisting of six modular leaves, with one side clear and the other side stained (with your choice of colors), you can move them around and flip them for a totally different look every time you eat.