The OO is a wireless projector by David Riesenberg capable of displaying high definition (1080p) data. Utilizing either a WIFI connection or internal SSD storage, the projector can operate independently from any wire for up to 3 hours based on an internal Li-Ion battery or using a single wire connected to a power source. With the combination of WIFI and internal storage, the OO can act as both an extender/duplicator of an external display or as a wireless media projector/streamer with built in decoding capabilities. The three independently articulated legs allow the OO to be tilted for optimal positioning. Full interaction with the projector is done via the touch screen remote but the projector can be operated without it in extender/duplicator mode after pre-configuration.

Part of the GEO series, the OO’s form is inspired by the simple and elegant form of the circle – from which it also gets him name denoting the shape of the projector and the shape of the lens. The semi monocoque carbon fiber structure allows for a lightweight construction and combined with its dimensions (11in / 28cm diameter) allow the OO to be portable but without compromising image quality.

Check out the video: