The design pair of osko+deichmann are based in Berlin, Germany and create some brilliantly designed seating pieces, my faves being Plot and Pebble.

Plot, which is produced by Brunner, is their latest, and it’s a modular seating system inspired by naturally cascaded forms in nature. A module consists of a bottom seat cushion, an armrest, and a backrest. Each module is identical and can be used as a chair, but add additional modules to the mix and you have a perfectly customized sofa.

Plot photos by Michael Tewes.

Then we have Pebble that’s produced by Blå Station. This design comes as a chair, an ottoman, a 2-seater sofa, and a 3-seater sofa. Inspired by, you got it, a stone, because of its strength and ability to “relax the mind and provide energy.” I personally like that the cushions are wrapped in the wire frame, which keeps them in place while also providing a linear design detail.