Pinch Food Design is a new NYC-based food and design company that is launching this month. Pinch’s co-founder (and former set designer) TJ Girard has designed a series of food serving products that are not only functional, but go the extra mile in both design and features.

Paying equal attention to food and design, Pinch has re-imagined every aspect of entertaining.

Pinch Bowl
Anyone who has ever stood at a cocktail party holding a drink and a plate of food will surely appreciate this ingenious idea: a crisp white ceramic plate/bowl designed to rest securely atop a wine or drink glass, enabling guests to eat with a fork while holding a beverage.

Pinch Fork
A sleek high-polished stainless steel utensil with two prongs, the Pinch Fork is ideal for serving several layers of food without compromising the integrity of the individual ingredients; it’s also a beautiful way to display and serve a perfect forkful of flavor.

Part skewer, part spoon, this stainless steel implement allows guests to “spin” from a dry ingredient to a liquid or wet ingredient with ease. For example, peanut butter funnel cake and concord grape panna cotta, or saffron mussels and broth-soaked bread.

Spoke Tray
Various wood bases made of Baltic birch with an indentation to hold the ceramic Spoke components and some napkins. Perfect for mini-doughnuts.

Honeycomb Tray
A tray made of glossy white acrylic with various components. A second layer, or liner fits into place with honeycomb-shaped cutouts designed to make sure food stays in place. The top layer is removable so you can use the tray alone as well.

Amoeba Tray
The Amoeba Tray consists of four concentric tiers, each one a perfect platform for presenting hors d’oeuvres. Available in a white glossy finish, this sophisticated serving implement has a distinct organic sensibility in its design. The center of the tray is slightly sunken to form a shallow vase for decorative and aromatic herbs.

Walnut Matrix
Pinch’s rendition of a tray, the Walnut Matrix is more of a functional sculpture, and would look as stunning holding food as it would as a decorative centerpiece. Architectural in design, the Walnut Matrix is a series of blocks in different heights, each one crafted in walnut, a beautiful contrast to the white glossy base. The surface of the blocks serves as little pedestals for hors d’oeuvres, and each surface has a subtle dip to ensure the food doesn’t slip. The base includes a built-in compartment for napkins, or napkin nook, a clever and thoughtful design feature found in many of Pinch’s passing trays and food stations.