Vera Kleppe and Åshild Kyte are the dynamic duo behind the brand Vera & Kyte, a design studio based on the west coast of Norway. Together they’ve crafted a line of furniture that has a clear Norwegian feel but with playfulness and whimsy not necessarily present in most Scandinavian design.


TOPIARY lamps are simple when it comes to form and function with a stand, bulb, and rotating reflector that assemble to provide both direct and indirect light. The reflector almost looks two-dimensional, almost paper-like, thanks to the way it’s cut. They can be used separately, but together they create a fun, poetic landscape of light.




APPAREL can be a room divider or a rack to hold your clothing. One side is cross-hatched while the other has horizontal bars, both of which can keep your clothes in order while creating a sense of separation for a room. A large circular mirror will help you pull it all together when you’re getting ready.




BALCONY is a daybed for you to leisurely relax on in the afternoon while spending time on your sunny balcony. It offers you a place to take a pause and reflect.




The PEDESTAL tables each have a strong individual personality making the trio stand out. The sizes, colors, and forms contrast but the uniformity of materials keeps it all balanced.


Vera & Kyte will be showing at Tent London during the London Design Festival from September 18th-21st at Old Truman Brewery, Hanbury Street, London, E1 6QR.