POST FOSSIL: Excavating 21st Century Creation is a dynamic new design exhibition curated by internationally renowned trend-forecaster Li Edelkoort being shown at Design Museum Holon in Israel now through April 30, 2011. Including works from over 60 contemporary global designers, the curated collection showcases the use of organic materials and primitive methods by designers who are returning to the roots of making things. Gone are the days of fancy design for design’s sake and enter a time where materials and methods are of utmost consideration.

The exhibition raises the following important questions:
– Can we do with less to become more?
– Can design have a soul and therefore be animated?
– Can man find a more meaningful way to consume?
– Can we break with the past and reinvent the future?

Works in the exhibit include pieces by renown designers such as Pieke Bergmans, Nacho Carbonell, Arik Levy, Tomás Libertiny, Peter Marigold, Tanja Saeter, and Studio Job, Raw Edges, Reddish Studio, and Boaz Cohen.

Lidewij Edelkoort, who is known for her visionary eye, says “Time has come for extreme change. Society is ready to break away from last century for good. To break with creative conventions, theoretic rules and stigmas that now are questioned, challenged and broken. To break with a materialistic mentality, replacing it with the materialisation of modest earth-bound and recomposed matter. Nature is a dominant ingredient in this movement, although no longer used in a naïve and aspiring ecological language, but as a mature philosophy fit for a newer age. Like a Fred Flintstone of tomorrow.”

Photos by Shay Ben Efraim.