Add one part Guitar Hero, a good dose of the visuals of the original TRON, and a dash of an electrocardiogram – all set to a beat – and you’ve got the music visualizer site of electronic act, George & Jonathan.




George & Jonathan III is available to stream and download as an audio-only experience. But why do that when you can see each song rendered as flowing, neon three-dimensional shapes extruded into imaginary infinity, all set to the beat of the 10-track electronic album? There’s also this oddly amusing homage to “puppy love” (and whack-a-mole) for a change in scenery.

Viewing angles of each track (except #3) are all adjustable, with four different camera options accessible in real time at the click of a mouse. Or simply click and drag the hand cursor to manipulate the camera for a custom view of the parade of 3D shapes set to the music.

Listen, look, and discover a new perspective over at