Maybe you’ve seen this everywhere already, maybe not but whatever. I’m not one to care – if it’s something I like, I’m posting about it! This “Furniture Tasting” project by Japanese/Portuguese duo Ryosuke Fukusada and Rui Pereira was inspired by the idea that the contemporary furniture industry is feeding us so much that it’s nearly impossible to “digest” it all. I love furniture and decor, and often times I say it’s good enough to eat… and now, I can have my chair and eat it too!

They suggest that perhaps it would be easier to present the furniture in a new way – maybe by using a custom waffle-making mold: “an object that mixes both traditional Japanese small cakes ‘baby castella’ with a Portuguese egg based pastry called ‘ovos moles’. Using the same molding technique we created a new typology of object and at the same time a new tradition..”

I would love to do this for a design-themed event: make and decorate your own furniture! Cupcakes are so 2011…

Photos by Alfredo Dante Vallesi.