Madrid-based product designer Sergio Guijarro has the best list of things he likes on his website (dogs, new pencils, The Smiths – hello!), but he also creates furniture and objects with great concepts behind them.

La Teoría del Dios del Jazz (Theory of the God of Jazz) (first image also)
Inspired by the word “improvisation” that describes jazz, the three-piece, limited-edition collection is derived from the idea of conceptual crafts (handcrafted pieces with a story behind it). I love the idea behind them but I also love that they are functioning works of art.

Three Gradient Vases
The wooden vases show the gradual change from the bottom with it’s polished finish, to the top with its rough, unfinished raw surface. The gradient is shown through color, layers, and texture. Covered in stainless steel on the inside, each vase is perfect for a single flower.

A six-piece child’s toy that combines play with “construction, creativity and interaction.” The options are only limited to the child’s imagination.

Baooab was made in collaboration with Miriam Tochijara.