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Browsing the properties on Airbnb elicits the same kind of lust and awe you get looking at Dwell, and then it dawns on you that can stay in all of them.

Meet Airbnb, the community marketplace for space where people can list, discover and book unique accommodations all over the globe — from FLW to Eames, its pages are pure design candy.

The concept is simple: Airbnb lets people rent out their properties to travelers, and allows them to cash in on their spare space. Founded by a pair of industrial designers and a coder, its inventory reflects its roots.

Launched for the IDSA World Congress in 2007, the design community quickly realized Airbnb was not only a great way to showcase and earn income from their properties, but also to unlock the doors to other unique spaces around the world.

For designer Candace Campos, renting out her Hong Kong loft means being able to work and jet set internationally: “Airbnb funds my travel. I’ll rent out my place and go work from London for a week or two. The pursuit of mobility in my life turned me into a minimalist. People love staying at my place in Hong Kong because it is such a chaotic city, but I have created a space with room to breathe and be calm.”

Today, Airbnb is a valuable resource for tens of thousands of people to generate meaningful income by sharing their spaces with travelers. The extra money empowers hosts to do anything from launch businesses, fund new projects, pay down debt, or travel.

What would you do with an extra $1,000? Head on over to and learn more about sharing your space with people you choose.