Fresh is my new favorite online shop. Except that it’s not an online shop! It’s a store aggregator that brings together the best modern design stores in the world (over 60 already and adding more!) and puts all their products in one place. FINALLY. Seriously. Can I get a hallelujah? (Also, why did I think of that?!)


You can sign up and follow your favorite stores and “favorite” specific products, too. Also, you can see when products are on sale and set price alerts for your favorite items, comparison shop and even get notified when one of your stores adds new products. No more signing up for tons of newsletters, or wading through lots of store emails… now you can see the latest products from (only) your favorite stores, almost as soon as they’re listed. I’m pretty excited about this and I plan to spend a LOT of time on Fresh to do my personal holiday shopping.


Plus, if you don’t see your favorite shop, you can suggest that they add it. Bonus. Check it out: Fresh.