Show & Tell Design is a new company that will be launching their first collection at the 2010 London Design Festival. Show & Tell is a creative collaboration between childhood friends Stephen Morgan and Robin Shannon. They are based in London and specialize in commercial products, high end designer furniture and lighting for both the domestic, commercial and contract markets.

Available in both floor and table lamp versions, the Lampada range introduces cutting edge electro luminescent technology to the consumer market.

The lights provide ambient mood lighting suitable for domestic and commercial interiors. Both versions are free standing, with the floor lamp having the ability to be wall mounted, and are only 4mm in thickness challenging people’s ideas and provoking conversations about how the product works.

The lamps are very energy efficient, the juxtaposition of this new material and the traditional lamp silhouette gives the product an exciting, eye-catching character/personality.

“I Am Here”
This is a coffee table with a difference. Made from clear acrylic it has a magical floating quality. Using the iconic London Underground Tube Map as its decoration, adds a feature to any environment. The table also tells a story of where it is, or indeed was. As each table is custom made just for you, your closest station is highlighted and pointed out with the statement “I Am Here.” This makes the table a great way of preserving a memory of where you lived when you purchased it, or even as a gift for someone to show a place with personal memories.

I love this idea!

Limm is a fashionable light. Using a 40w bulb Limm casts a considerable amount of light and due to the material used gives a soft warm glow at the same time. Get creative with the light by using your own stockings or tights to change the quality/color and intensity of the light it gives. This is a light that makes a statement.

This lamp reminds me of a modern version of the leg lamp from A Christmas Story.

Reverse Drawer
The Reverse Drawer does exactly what it says, turning the traditional drawer mechanism around so that the carcass slides away from the drawer. The unit comes in various versions and can be mounted on a wide variety of objects that allow for endless combinations, including milking stools and reclaimed chair bases.

Stimin is a desk light. It plays with scale in more than one way. The light bulb can give out enough light to be a task light, but using the touch dimmer switch also can produce a warm glow to create a relaxing atmosphere. There is an element of playfulness in this product, not only with the form and visual language but also with the tactility of the touch dimmer switch. This product glows with quality. It can be made to order, the color of the legs and cable can be changed there is also possibilities for the shape of the legs to be altered.