Designed as a satellite office for their home base in Florence, Italy, the Milan-based office of Simone Micheli is a flexible studio and gallery space in an up-and-coming section of the city. It’s the perfect creative spot for ideas, debates, and plans to be developed. White sets the tone of the large space and mixes well with the pops of color (hello yellow!), neon accents, and black furnishings. There’s even a loft space for extra square footage.

The most striking feature is the yellow and mirrored, faceted column in the middle of the space that almost resembles a totem pole. Just in case you didn’t notice, there is neon lighting at the top and bottom. You’ll never lose your way at night, that’s for sure. No matter where you look in this office, there is something interesting to observe – this is definitely a space full of visual goodness.

I also love the white three-dimensional wall screen that looks like modern dog bones but actually represents a 3D version of the infinity symbol, designed by Micheli of course.

Photos by Jürgen Eheim.