Clean, white, minimal, and flattering on the legs. What more can you ask for in a shoe? For young fashion designer Laura Papp‘s bachelor degree, she created a line of porcelain shoes that embodies all these qualities.


Inspired by the stone of the Segrada Familia of Antonio Gaudi, Pap created a shoe that embodied the rustic qualities of these stones. By using porcelain, the shoes are able to imitate the detailed surfaces Papp desired.


The shoes are not only sleek, they are also functional. They can bear more than 350 lbs, even though the platform is only 2.2 lbs. The line includes three different pairs made using different textures and vamp. The vamp is made of leather, creating a nice contrast with the porcelain platform. Would you wear these shoes?






Photographer: Zsuzsa Darab
Model: Dóra Medveczky