Helle Bjerrum’s Status jewelry collection explores the idea of status in the sense of both material value and one’s standing in terms of reputation and position.

The works cover a wide range of facets of the overarching theme: status related to material value, status related to sites and property, status as something that is actively reproduced in culture and the fact that, traditionally, the two sexes have acquired status in different ways.

These oversized jeweled necklaces symbolize wealth and vanity, but they’re created to be casually slung about as though seemingly not precious.

These Nonsense pieces are named so because they represent gold and silver (demonstrated by shades of acrylic), which cannot be valued by its shape but by its weight.

These rings represent real estate and inheritance, which is passed down through generations. They’re printed with topographic map imagery.

Her beaded necklaces have 365 beads – one for each day of the calendar year. The dark beads represent weekdays, the light ones holiday and vacation.

Photos: Dorte Krogh
Model: Medde Lykke Vognsen