Abie Abdillah of Zylia Design Studio, whose Doeloe lounge and Pretzel bench we’ve featured previously, has designed three new stools.

Descriptions below are from the designer.

A stool or side table was never been a center of interest when they being put on a room alongside with other furnitures. To create a piece of furniture that give minimum function but yet has a “unique” appearance was the reason why all these stool designs was created.

Madu Stool
Madu is part of my thesis project as an Industrial Design student from Institut Teknologi Bandung back in 2009. I choose rattan material as my main research subject because rattan is a sustainable and have a unique character (strong but yet able to be bend) and mostly because as the main resource of rattan materials (80% of worldwide needs), Indonesia’s rattan industries are at their hardest time since rattan furnitures are already considered classic, and for years there haven’t been enough exploration on new designs based on the materials.

Rattan is a sustainable material with almost every parts of rattan trees could be used as raw material for human needs products, mainly for furniture and crafted products. The most common used parts are rattan poles, rattan cores, rattan peels, and rattan rods (pitriet). Rattan poles, with diameter 20mm and above often used as the main structure for funiture. Rattan cores, with tubular shape just like the poles, but contain smaller diameters within 8mm to 18mm. Rattan cores are very flexible and often used as structure support and accessories for the rattan furniture. As for rattan peels and rods, they’re mainly used as weaving materials for both rattan furniture or craft products.

The main idea of Madu is to create a strong structure for furniture with rattan cores. Madu consist of massive and strong structures with rattan cores that constructed as the honey comb shapes, so the cores would support each other just like the natural sophisticated system.

The name “Madu” was taken by Indonesian word that means honey. Which obviously something that produced and contained on a honey comb.

Asha Stool
Made as a tribute for the victims of West Sumatera Earthquake in 2009, and inspired by the top of “Rumah Gadang” (a traditional house from West Sumatera, Indonesia) shapes. The word “Asha” means “Life”, with an intention to give hope and prayer for the victims.

Dano Tripod Stool
When I was a little, I always amused by the shape of moon rocket from tintin by herge’s comics. For me, the shape of that tripod rocket is iconic and trigger me to took the beautifully curved tripod leg principal as the main idea for Dano Tripod Stool. Made with reclaimed sungkai wood from industrial waste, Dano is a piece of furniture that contain a story from the past. With such a joyful shape, Dano could be functioned also as a side table but yet really teasing to not be put aside.