Suspacious, a design studio founded by Breg Hanssen and Joeke Beenhakker, designs “suspiciously spacious” furniture with functionality and ease of use as its prime concern. Each piece in its own way provides an answer to the spatial questions in everyday use. As a self-producing company, Suspacious has the ability to give each product its own character that adheres to the clients’ taste and goes beyond their prospect. By combining your preferences with their creativity, Suspacious not only is able to enhance its designs, but also creates opportunities for new ideas and future products.

Suspacious strives to use materials and production techniques authentically. It provides for an efficient way of producing in small batches but in unlimited editions. Although Suspacious furniture is sober, it also has its share of fine detailing. Different shapes and techniques coincide and give each product just the right blend.

Join Dining Table
Join links an inviting shape with an extraordinary combination of materials. The semi-transparent ellipse-shaped polyester resin table-top is carried by a metal frame with wooden legs. The table top and the metal frame as well can be chosen in any color by request, combined by any type of wood for the legs.

Bend Chair
Bend is a chair deriving its shape by the composition of its different parts from laminated wood. The logic behind its construction is the minimum use of material, making it elegant and giving it a sleek silhouette. Seat and back are covered with a thin layer of natural rubber.

Pivot Sofa
Pivot is a playful couch with sober lines. The turnable armrests create space or comfort. Upholstery and the color of the metal frame can be customized to your own preferences and needs.

The Slide-Table is a multitasking talent in your living-room, storing books and magazines on the static layer while your beverages are in everybody’s reach at the dynamic upper plateau.

Wall closet Wonderwall combines it’s open character with the possibility to keep things out of sight by an aluminium sliding-door. It’s a closet that can give a great impulse to any space it’s in, without being to dominant.

The Knit-Sit hocker consists out of two layers of knitted fabric sleeved around a wooden inner structure. Lots of combinations are possible choosing from 10 different colors inner sleeves and five different colors outer sleeves in three different hole patterns.