Swarovski Crystal Palace presents another inspiring series of beautiful commissions, demonstrating the creative potential of Swarovski crystal and creative fingerprint of each designer’s work.

Amplify by Yves Béhar
A series of “paper lanterns” shaped like crystals with light inside that refracted from a real crystal, casting its patterns on the surface of the paper.

Frost by Vincent Van Duysen
A design consisting of highly versatile glowing bars encrusted with Swarovski crystals. The surface of each bar has a “crust” of assorted crystals set into resin. Between the crystal exteriors was a thin glass panel which gave the bars their structure while also acting as a vehicle for the LED lighting within.

Dream Cloud by Rogier van der Heide
Consists of thousands of pure crystals floating in the air, which are illuminated  by an external source of light that changed colors. Beneath the installation is a floor filled with black tulips.

Sparks by Gwenaël Nicolas
The designer created large, free-floating, transparent balloons filled with helium, in which there were small crystal sculptures lit by a battery powered LED inside. The balloons drew on NASA technology to enable them to be as thin and transparent as possible. The LED light shining through the crystal within set off a series of “sparks” which moved as the balloons and crystals gently floated through the room.

Stellar by Tokujin Yoshioka
Designer Tokujin Yoshioka created an installation consisting of a 1-meter diameter globe encrusted with 10,000 Swarovski crystals and lit from within by 600 LEDs.  An accompanying piece featured another globe suspended in a vast tank of water, on which crystals grew naturally.