Can a pencil sharpener’s design be improved? Multidisciplinary design studio Free Time Industries thinks so and I agree.

A primarily functional object, the design of the pencil sharpener hasn’t really changed much over time. However, Free Time Industries has stepped up to the plate to change that.

The Swing Blade pencil sharpener, though not the fastest way to sharpen your pencil, is ideal for soft-leaded and color pencils. Its poetic movement and precise sharpening was inspired by an old pencil sharpener passed down from a designers’ great-great-grandfather.

They explain, “As designers, we could not help but to see the opportunity in the design. The original sharpener, clearly the brainchild of an engineer, was full of potential. By breaking down the individual functions of each part, we were able to combine elements and reduce visual complexity. The stabilizing feet, guiding angle, and collection bowl were all integrated into one simple unit. The resulting form is a canted geometry for both stability and providing the ideal angle for smooth and accurate sharpening.”