Ukrainian designer Vasiliy Butenko set out to challenge himself by creating a table lamp under these strict guidelines: use few parts, easy assembly, and optimum functionality. He achieved all that and then some with Table Lamp “OOO”.

Inspired by modern design from the 1920s, where creating simple design can oftentimes require complicated structure, he wanted to look at things in a different way. Using a 1mm thick plate for the top part of the lamp and 3mm thick plate for the base, that are then connected by a tube, the lamp’s only other parts are two magnets, a screw, and a lightbulb.

The bright yellow lamp swivels with the help of two powerful neodymium magnets. Level the top circular disc flat for the light to resemble a table and give you a night-light type feel.

Angle the disc slightly and it’s perfect for working at a desk or reading.

Or aim it vertically for a decorative look.

The light comes out from underneath the top disc, so adjust the direction as you see fit.