I don’t know about your but I hate alarm clocks. I hate setting them to get up at ungodly hours. I hate the blaring alarm sounds that won’t stop as you struggle to find your clock on your bedside table and proceed to knock every single thing off it. I hate that super bright light staring at me all night long reminding me how little sleep I’m going to get. Mostly, I just hate how alarm clocks look. Years ago, I switched to using the alarm on my cell phone so when I spotted Victor Johansson’s Tangible Alarm, I woke right up (heh).

The alarm is a simple panel of wood with three notched out sections that serve specific purposes. When you’re ready to go to sleep, plug your phone in with the attached cord, and using Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, the design becomes your new alarm clock.


Place your phone in the middle slot to set the alarm.


Alarm goes off but not ready to get up yet? Slide your phone to the snooze slot.


When you’re finally ready to face the day, place your phone in the off slot.