This is a multi-part series documenting the Tendence 2010 show in Frankfurt, Germany. Read all Tendence 2010 posts here.

The Joseph Joseph booth with a fun purple floor and reps dressed like chefs!

A new colander from Joseph Joseph.

ASA Selection had an enormous booth! I loved these little succulents in tiny containers.

Their black and white collection really hit it out of the park for me. The also won a Red Dot award for their Coffee To Go cup.

I have this one! My awesome cousin bought it for me in Belgium.

ASA also has a line of chalkboard homewares so you can easily label everything.

Faceted snap-together trash can and desk accessories from Italian company Pinetti.

Snurk, designer of the controversial Le-Clochard and Le-Trottoir cardboard duvet and cement sheets has come out with a few new designs. This first one is called White Laundry and features either a shirt, socks, bra or thong design.

This Madtress fitted sheet and Twirre duvet set are so cheeky and fun! The Twirre is actually to scale — the original piece that was photographed for the duvet is actually as large as a duvet.

Stelton’s “My” water bottle is beautiful. The perfect addition to their line of sleek, modern kitchenware. P.S. Have you seen their Paul Smith line?

Beautiful chair from Branca by Marco Sousa Santos.

Rope light and four-leaf clover magnets from Raumgestalt.

Place settings from Konstantin Slawinski.

Fun trivets from Konstantin Slawinski.

Part 3 coming up!