At times I become so consumed in my day from the second I get into the car. I am already so lost in my “to do” list in the morning and don’t remember the drive to work. It’s almost like I never really got out of bed! That is, until this sound of “Cosmic Love” by Florence and the Machine snaps me back to reality as her voice begins to crescendo through my speakers.

Listen to “Cosmic Love”:

For a second, I become aware of everything around me and then I instantly slip into this amazing space filled with so much emotion and life. The stress is gone, the traffic has disappeared, and I am suddenly taken to a beautiful place outside of my typical realm of thoughts that is somewhere between real and make believe. I will belt out the lyrics so loud and passionately without a care in the world. To-do list forgotten, traffic forgotten, but sense of place realized. This song and this voice of Florence allow me to take a second a let my surroundings in, while remaining free from the constraints that sometimes seem to surround. I feel like I might as well be rolling around in a wide open field and then drifting through a dark forest in search of the light. It’s like a beautiful dream and just like she says, “Then I heard your heart beating, you were in the darkness too, so I stayed in the darkness with you.” I see the darkness as a calm and star filled place, void of the chaos that surrounds us at times. A place we don’t want to escape, but all in a good way! One that really makes it possible to take on the day with ease!


As I translate Florence and the Machine into a room it has to be a bedroom which is the place where we are most passionate, at ease, and peaceful. Just like Florence and the Machine isn’t your typical Indie iocker, the space isn’t your typical bedroom. It’s full of character, but not the clutter.


1. Art Deco Flock Wallpaper: Big Green Fans 2. Serena Bowl Chandelier 3. Vintage Metal Frame Concept 4. Michelle Armas Chelsea Print 5. Bennito Side Table 6. Marianne Bed with Dandelion Field Fabric by Chair Couture 7. Doris Duck Lamp 8. Siena Flooring by Dekora Parket

It is sensual and dynamic with a feeling of complexity that evokes emotion much like the voice of Florence. “You’ve gotta hand it to the girl: She always makes you feel something” says Spin Magazine. I couldn’t agree more! It’s not only this intense emotion like in “Cosmic Love”, but the song “Kiss With a Fist” makes me laugh out loud, dance around, and let go of all my worries!

Listen to: “Kiss With A Fist”: