For my last Beat Boxed of the year I thought long and hard about an artist that would take us out of here with a bang! To say that this guy will take us out with a bang is an understatement. Steve Aoki, aka Kid Millionaire, has beats that will keep you running, jumping, and dancing well through the New Year. His adrenaline is something incredible and you will without a doubt leave feeling it! Aoki is about to wrap up his Happy Endings American Tour and I am so tempted to head to Vegas to see his last show this weekend! I’d love to hear his new single “I’m In The House” and see if what he is saying is true! He told Spinner, “This is my new single with Zuper Blahq that jumps into your party pants and will make you dance dance dance.”

Check out the video and see for yourself!

Steve Aoki is known for his creativity, forward thinking, and insane amounts of energy. How can I possibly box all this energy into one space? I can’t! Think of it this way…it’s no longer about boxing it, but rather unleashing it! And that is exactly what I have done in this Aoki inspired office space. The incredible brick and mortar sofa grounds the room like that bass beat. The artwork layers over the beat like Super Blahq’s lyrics, Aoki’s dance moves, and the graphics in the video “I’m In The House.” The desk represents a stage The chair is Aoki’s tucked body as he goes leaping off the stage into the crowd. And the Cable Tie Chair is the open arms waiting to catch him and send him surfing above the crowd. In this office everyone deserves a break, especially after all that! What better to spend it than bouncing ideas off one another with these ping pong blades? I feel the creativity unleashing in this office already!


1. and 2. Artwork by Mike Perry 3. Happy Endings Print 4. Tudor Cabinet 5. Dim Mak Collection 6. Camp Lamp 7. Bricks and Mortar Sofa 8. WESC Headphones 9. Cable Tie Chair 10. Work Lamp 11. Dim Mak Alarm Clock 12. Desk Kinzo Air 202 13. El Rey Chair 14. More artwork by Mike Perry 15. Artwork by Hilary Pecis 16. Broadman Blades Ping Pong Set 1


Not only is Steve Aoki a freaktabulous DJ, but he also runs Dim Mak Records, one of the greatest record labels ever! Dim Mak has been just nominated for “label of the decade” by URB magazine, so be sure to go cast your vote! Oh and did I mention he also has a really sweet clothing line? Happy Endings everyone and hope you all have a fabulous holiday — see you next year!