This villa, located in Bavaria, Germany is made entirely of HI-MACS® Solid Surface. The interior and exterior were completed entirely with this material piece-by-piece, from the terrace to the countertops to the sink.

The family wanted a home in which they could enjoy the picturesque scenery and escape from the stresses of every day life. Other homes in this area have dark wooden windows and gabled roofs so this particular style — borrowed from Bauhaus — stands out and makes a clear statement.

At 1,200 square meters, the building is made of natural, breathable materials including LEFC-certified pine boards, natural external bonded insulation from Interhmo, and the HI-MACS® material, which is made from 75% natural minerals and pigments and 25% acrylates. Apparently it weathers very well, too.

Everything inside is modern and ultra-white, but not in a cold sense. The lighting plan helps to create a warm, inviting glow that makes the rooms feel liveable. The central focus on the main floor is a giant custom dining table. Also one of my favorite elements is the fireplace, which floats in the middle of the open floor plan but makes for a nice, subtle divider between spaces. I also love the highlighted art niche. There’s a lot to like about this house.

The builder, who created this home for his family, is so enamored with the HI-MACS® material that he is working on garden furniture designs made completely from HI-MACS® for the Spring.

More photos:

Project: Private House
Location: Ammersee, Germany
Date of Completion: May 2010
Design: Karl Dreer
Fabrication: Dreer GmbH – Klöpfer Surfaces, Germany
Project Implementation: Felix Bembé & Sebastian Dellinger
Material: HI-MACS® Arctic White, Concrete Grey
Photographer: Dirk Wilhelmy