I’m geeking out over the Modern Architecture Game created by NEXT Architects. Test your knowledge of modern architecture with almost 1000 questions about the world’s most famous architects, buildings and trends of the Western architecture.

The goal is similar to that of Trivial Pursuit – reach the heart of the board before anyone else. There are six different categories of questions: Visuals, Architect, Project, Style, Influence and Quote, and once you’ve moved through them all, and beat your opponents to the center of the board, you can declare yourself king of all nerds things architecture.

But the questions aren’t the only architect-themed items here. The is made out of a construction drawing and the game pins are miniatures of six famous buildings. Wearing Le Corbusier’s’ glasses isn’t only for the spectacle but also keeps the player at turn from reading the answers on the game card.

So do you think you have what it takes to be the Modern Architecture Game champion?

The Modern Architecture Game is available in exclusive bookshops worldwide. Contact NEXT Architects or the distributor IdeaBooks.