Volume Gallery, Chicago’s newest cutting-edge design gallery, debuts with an exhibition of new works by American designer Jonathan Nesci, aptly titled: THE NEW, March 19-23, 2010. Volume Gallery will take over the Andrew Rafacz Gallery for the first in an ongoing series highlighting freshly commissioned work from American contemporary designers.

Each piece in THE NEW is born from Nesci’s observations of the world around us and the banal designs that inform our lives, forms many of us never stop to consider, such as the edge of a curb, the base of a street light, etc. With these pieces, Nesci picks up the torch of 20th Century design and carries it into the 21st century, stating, “I am informed by the work that has preceded me and aim to add a building block in the continually changing landscape of product and process.”

Nesci’s translated observations reflect his inspirational sources and modern design ideals through the use of industrial materials — concrete and metal. All the pieces in THE NEW, created specifically for Volume Gallery, embody the spirit of traditional American mid-century design. The finish is matte white, to absorb the light and its surroundings; the pure minimal forms, prevalent in Nesci’s body of work, echo the essence of the design in our surrounding landscape.