Designer Jess Tasker of Trunk Studio set out to mix a new Canadian aesthetic with the classic clean lines of all things Danish modern when creating her debut furniture line called The North Collection. Working with Nova Scotia woodworkers, Tasker was able to take her designs from the page to fruition in this stellar four-piece collection.

The Scout Side Table (first image also) stands with angled legs that mimic the silhouette of mountains, while the tabletop comes with a side ledge for added storage by your sofa or your bed.

The solid walnut or birch Station Chair was inspired by the Canadian wilderness, evoking memories of canoeing and snowshoeing. The removable cushions are available in various fabrics.

The Station Chair is also available in a mixture of walnut and birch.

Place the Toque Wall Rack by any door to act as a landing pad for all of your gear when coming and going from your home.

The Approach Coffee Table has angled legs and dovetail joints with contrasting plugs. Comes complete with an under-mounted storage shelf for books and magazines.