Klopf Architecture was enlisted by the homeowners of a mid-century modern home in Los Gatos, California to transform an open pool deck into an outdoor oasis that could serve many purposes. The Pool House was designed to not only provide shade to those laying poolside, it offers an outdoor workspace, lounge area, changing rooms, and the occasional protection from flying golf balls that soar off the adjacent golf course.


Wanting to remain true to the existing home’s architecture, the pool house’s design is compatible and timeless with its materials and approach. The minimal design blends in well with the natural landscape that surrounds it, while at the same time framing views of the nearby redwood tree, golf course, and pool.


The structure is primarily cedar, with Ipe wood decking on the open floor.


There’s now plenty of space to relax in the shade or to simply enjoy the view where before there was just a plain open deck.


The structure is outfitted with a mini kitchen to provide easy access to snackage while swimming.